Magnolia Summerfest 
August 2016


Casting call for Volunteers!

We are looking for a select group of Volunteers for the upcoming 2015 summerfest, various positions are available and we need the community support to make this a successful event:

Some of the prestigious positions available are:

Staging Managers:

Two Volunteer’s needed to assist in the arrival and staging of parade entries, this includes setup and layout of staging area prior entries arrival.  Minimal organizational skills for Placement of numerical stakes along 34th Avenue.  After arrival and staging is complete the individuals will assist with organization and queuing of entries.  Basic 2 way radio operation will be required, with parade organizer.

(Measuring wheel skills required, light bending and light hammering for placement of stakes)
To Be Considered:

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Safety Sergeants:

Two Safety coordinators to monitor pedestrians and viewers keeping them out of harm’s way for parade route safety.   (Command Voice a must, Stylish reflective authoritative vest supplied)

To Be Considered:

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Sanitary Officers:

A Team of Three Nutrient Cycling specialist (aka Pooper-Scooper’s) this is a very important job to assure that any entries that are following live animals are safe from obstacles of  any tripping or slipping hazards, because this is such an important duty, we are offering free coordinating parade uniforms that will be highly recognized and greatly rewarded. (Wheelbarrow skills, light shoveling and sweeping required)

To Be Considered:

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Other Positions also needed.

  • Set-Up
  • Vendor Load-In 
  • Ground keepers
  • Recycling educators
Breakdown and Clean Up
To Be Considered:

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